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An association of being human-created Innovative to bring changes in the society especially in the oppressed and voiceless community even they could be anyone of this universe. In this association people from different sectors, United with grassroots label experienced and knowledge. The association focuses on creating dedicated social work professionals and development practitioners from remote geographical rural areas, to discuss, debate, and develop a key framework on evidence & practice-based interventions, methods. Every Human Being has rights to live their life with freedom and justice as per Constitution of India.


Slavery free society, Right to education and fearless society. our belief is that "every human being has a precious life of equal value", we hope to realize a world in which we respect and understand each other, mutually support one another, and live with self-confidence.



Commit to be achiving the innovative vision and expand it network to across the world.We put our utmost efforts into restoring a self-supporting livelihood both economically and mentally to those people who have been stricken with hardship due to conflict.

The Dreamers

Mr. Parvaiz A. Khan,

Founder & Managing Director

He is the driving force behind the “Innovative Foundation” concept. His dream is to educate all of India’s children because he believes that education is the only way for them to live a happy and independent life.

Mr. Jokhai H. Sharma

Co-founder & Managing Director

Mr. Sharma was the ideal person to stand by Mr. Parvaiz when he needed someone with similar ideals to assist him achieve his goals. Before joining the “Innovative Foundation,” Mr. Sharma was caring for orphaned street canines on his own.

International online forum “Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Live” is a large-scale and unprecedented event, organized thanks to the independent unification of millions of people from 180 countries on the Creative Society platform. It will be broadcast around the world on tens of thousands of channels on social and media platforms. The event is initiated and implemented on a volunteer basis by people’s efforts and resources.

More information about the Creative Society: creativesociety.com