Orphan Animal Care

Innovation Foundation Provide shelter and care taking services for orphan animal. Innovation Foundation has the vision to transform the quality of life for stray & abandoned animals, through greater understanding, collaboration and by promoting lasting, mutually life-enhancing relationships. We open the minds to what’s happening around us and inspire people to be an integral part of the solution. We envision a world in which the practice of kindness and compassion is taught and encouraged at every level of our society, guaranteeing fair and humane treatment for the animals worldwide. Rescuing animals in distress and providing them with medical care is one of Animal Care Trust’s core missions. We Trust promotes Indian animals for adoption.

Our efforts during COVID19

The stray animals of Mumbai are also suffering along with the world from the shocks of COVID19. In these times, the animals have no sources of food nor are well-wishers and caregivers allowed to step out to feed them. With the support of the government, authorities, and volunteers, we have been feeding over 1200 animals. This has placed an immense strain on our resources and we require your support and contributions to get through these times.

We Need your Help to Change Lives!!!

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